Business Testimonials

Business Testimonials

InSync Media Ltd

AAI were able to assist InSync by providing it with the necessary candidates to expand the company’s horizons. 

We sat down with InSync to discuss their experience with AAI; check it out below. 

“AAI were instrumental from the beginning.”

Why did you need to enlist AAI’s services?

“We were a small, young company that was growing slowly, however, we decided to employ some individuals on a short-term basis to try and help us grow faster.”

I would definitely consider coming to AAI again.”

What was the process of working with AAI like?

“AAI were instrumental from the beginning. They were there to assist with everything we needed help with and to answer questions when facing new challenges. In terms of training, I felt AAI delivered. I would definitely consider coming to AAI again.”

What were the outcomes?

“InSync Media has built up a good local business database of potential business customers, developed strategies for social media and had contributions from a younger generation that we may have otherwise struggled to obtain. Most of the new starts fitted in well and were able to build their confidence quickly.

We have been able to extend 2 placements, so far, into full-time roles. We do have plans to extend at least a couple more by the time they complete their 6-month placement.”

If you’re interested in hiring with a progressive and modern social enterprise, contact AAI today at or see what we can do for your business by clicking here.


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