Inclusive Recruitment Support

Inclusive Recruitment Support

Breaking Barriers, Boosting Bottom Line and Being Downright Decent

Since 2012, AAI has existed to do just that. We’re award-winning, women-led and a trusted brand that has attracted diverse jobseekers from all walks of life because that’s when the real magic happens.

Our goal for the recruiting services we provided for over 10 years was to bring the human touch to hiring, kick bias to the curb and have a blast along the way. With people, relationships and cultural fit at the core of our work, we enjoyed a 97% successful placement rate. Our recruitment service was all about maximising impact and minimising costs – with our clients’ success as our ‘soul’ goal.

That goal is still the same, only now we’re providing you with the direct support you need to make it happen within your own organisation. Find out how we can make your hiring headaches vanish below.

What Our Inclusive Recruitment Support Can Do For Your Business

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We can help you:

Job Posting and Advertising

We provide guidance on where to advertise your role to attract diverse talent pools, ensuring everyone gets a chance to apply, no matter what their personal background.

Candidate Selection

Don’t have enough time? We can:

The Results

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Find out what other business people have to say about working with AAI.

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