Diversity and Inclusion Training

Diversity and Inclusion Training

The UK is an incredibly vibrant and culturally diverse ecosystem, and this should be reflected in the way we work

The promotion of diversity of race, gender, age, thought and culture creates positive and productive workplaces where collaboration and innovation thrive. AAI has developed interactive workshops and training service offerings around the following themes.

Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

Focused on racial and gender diversity, AAI’s Diversity Works events bring together employers and minority ethnic women to discuss barriers to inclusive employment, representation and workplace culture in facilitated one-day workshops.

This approach draws on the integral value of face-to-face conversations. Many employers experience ‘lightbulb moments’ regarding their hiring practices that hadn’t previously occurred to them. Hearing employers talk about their change in perception is an invaluable tool for the jobseekers and support groups that participate.

Disability Masterclasses

AAI’s Disabling Barriers programme focuses on demystifying the employment of talented disabled and neurodiverse (ADHD, autism spectrum, dyslexia, dyspraxia) individuals, as well as the various schemes available to employers to support in this process. It is a specialised, inclusion-coaching project aimed at staff awareness plus the empowering of employers to better recruit and retain these job seekers.

Historically, the narrative has been that if you skill people up enough, they get into work. This by and large has not worked for neurodiverse and disabled graduates, as they still face systemic barriers during recruitment, some of which are hidden and unknown to employers.

Disabling Barriers works with employers to look at why those barriers exist and how to overcome them, as well as challenging perceptions of neurodiverse and disabled people, which harm individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

These workshops could act as a vehicle to diverse talent acquisition for the company or its supply chain.

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