Diversity and Inclusion Training - Bespoke Workshops

Diversity and Inclusion Training

The UK is an incredibly vibrant and culturally diverse ecosystem, and this should be reflected in the way we work

The promotion of diversity of race, gender, age, thought and culture creates positive and productive workplaces where collaboration and innovation thrive. AAI has developed interactive workshops and training service offerings.

Diversity & Inclusion Review and Report

With the world changing at pace, it is important to know you are doing everything you can to create the most inclusive and diverse workplace.

This simple review and report will ensure you stay ahead of the talent you hope to attract and retain.

Offered as a stand-alone service, this review can be done on a quarterly basis to ensure you stay on track and on policy.

Topical Workshops

AAI has a wide catalogue of relevant current workshops including:

  • The ABCs of Inclusive Leadership Across the Management Levels
  • How to Prevent and Deal with Racism in the Workplace
  • Reframing and Addressing Unconscious Bias
  • Micro-behaviours – What They Are and How You Can Ensure All Staff Feel Supported
  • How to Write Inclusive Job Ads to Ensure You Attract Talented Individuals
  • How Neurodiversity in the Workplace Can Be a Superpower
  • Not all Disability in the Workplace is Obvious – How to Ensure You are Fully Inclusive of All Staff

Awareness Workshops

Having championed diverse and inclusive employment for many years, AAI has knowledge and experience that will help businesses improve their engagement with and retention of a diverse range of talented individuals. This includes feedback and insights from these individuals about the many barriers they face in the recruitment and onboarding process as well as in the workplace.

AAI’s facilitated sessions around diversity and inclusion apply what it has learnt to the needs of your organisation.

Bespoke Workshops

AAI identifies clients’ needs and tailors these sessions to meet their desired outcomes.   Recent examples of bespoke workshops we’ve created:

  • DEI in the Workplace (covering enhancement of recruitment, retention and business growth through inclusive practices)
  • Inclusive Recruitment (the how-to-do-it workshop from experienced specialists)
  • Inclusive Leadership (cultivating a culture of belonging and respect within a team/organisation)


Employers  often realise that specific coaching for key individuals within their organisation is needed to increase and achieve diversity and inclusion within the company’s culture. AAI provides the following coaching support:

  • Individually tailored Diversity and Inclusion Coaching delivered virtually in a block of 6 x 90 minutes to support professional development
  • Half-day session of goal-orientated, group coaching, delivered in person, designed to create and support your Action Plan

AAI also offers ad hoc consulting services for employers who have specific issues related to diversity and inclusion within their organisation. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

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