Business Testimonials

Business Testimonials

Margaret Gouskov – Global Initiatives & Solutions Ltd.

Name: Margaret Gouskov

Name of Company: Global Initiatives & Solutions Ltd.

Position: CEO

Client’s Objective: To hire through the UK Government Kickstart Scheme (October 2020 – March 2022)

“I felt fully supported by Joy and the team at AAI.”

Why did you need to enlist AAI’s services?

“We were going through a period of growth so I wanted to test having an employee on the payroll. I expanded hugely through Kickstart, as I had never employed anyone.

What I was really looking for was people who would contribute different points of view. We wanted to explore what kind of a contribution the Kickstart hires could provide in terms of perspective. As a think tank, we want a fresh look at what the most prominent issues are in society and what perception the younger generation has of the world in general.”

“I would absolutely use AAI again, any time.”

What was the process of working with AAI like?

“They were there every step of the way so that I never felt alone at any one time. I felt fully supported by Joy and the team at AAI. I would absolutely use AAI again, any time. They were extremely understanding of my views, goals and where I was coming from.”

What were the outcomes?

“Everyone got on phenomenally well and any new starts settled in well. Despite us all working remotely, everyone was introduced to all the members of the Leadership Team and were supported by them on their various tasks. The Kickstart hires have grown to become dependable members of staff.

We still have numerous Kickstart hires working for the company. One example: very early on I selected an individual, who was 18 at the time, and gave them the responsibility of managing the cohort. They were later hired on a permanent full-time basis to work as our Operations Manager at Global Initiatives. They are now 19 and doing brilliantly. “

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