Projects to Support Social Impact

Projects to Support Social Impact

Enacting Social Impact by Connecting Private and Third Sectors.

It is more important than ever to partner with and support purpose-driven organisations on authentic social impact/CSR activities. CSR activities position a company’s brand identity positively with employees, grow sales, and contribute to greater stakeholder engagement at investor and board level.

CSR: Graduating Communities

Graduating Communities is an innovative project to support Corporate Social Responsibility, linking private sector businesses with third sector organisations for short-term, facilitated, monitored and reported workplace secondment / placements. Set against the backdrop of the UK Government’s Community Empowerment agenda, Graduating Communities is built on the increasing awareness and desire within the private sector to deliver more tangible, reportable, and visible social value.

AAI's Project:

Tender Application Support (Community Benefits)

Social Impact and the consideration of Community Benefits have long been an important part of the Public/Private Sector procurement process, With an increasing focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in business, it is now imperative to understand how this element can affect the success of your application.

Buyers are looking for something other than charitable giving or traditional Corporate Social Responsibility activity.

AAI supports with the Social Value/Community Benefits element of Private and Public Sector procurement bids with thematically linked projects to increase buyer uptake.

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