Business Testimonials

Business Testimonials

Tanya Ewing – Glaze & Save

Name: Tanya Ewing

Name of Company: Glaze & Save

Position: CEO & Founder

“It’s a no-brainer.”

Why did you need to enlist AAI’s services?

“Growth in our business. During lockdown, we had a lot of customer enquiries due to factors such as new legislation and higher energy bills, so it was an opportunity for us to make a massive difference. We knew the business was there, we just didn’t have the staff available to accommodate it.”

“I’d highly recommend you and will definitely use your services in the future.”

What was the process of working with AAI like?

“AAI had previously helped us hire a team member who was with us for 4 years. I really liked working with AAI as we had additional support and additional training courses. We did reach out a few times and AAI were excellent at giving us advice. I’d highly recommend you and will definitely use your services in the future.

I’ve never had bad service from any of the AAI team, everyone’s been extremely attentive to our needs and been very professional. It’s a no-brainer. The team make up an extremely innovative recruitment company and I applaud you for that. You look at things in a different way, you know your niches and understand what you need to do within them.”

Cory – Glaze & Save

What were the outcomes?

“Our first hire, Cory, came on as a Trainee Installer. It was quite clear early on that he was very focused on what we do. This has allowed Cory to develop his skills in a very niche and expanding industry. So, Cory has started his training and is now on a full-time contract with us.

We also employed Rebecca within our marketing and sales team. She was very successful in marketing so we gave her a full-time contract and moved her over to a Sales Support position, where she’s been for 6 months now. She has so much potential moving forward, is extremely good at what she does and is so valuable to us.”

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