Nathalie Agnew

Muckle Media

Muckle Media, a creative PR and social media agency with offices in Edinburgh and Inverness, hosted Marianne Gallagher as an intern through Adopt an Intern during the company’s first year in business.

As a start-up company at the time, having an intern for four months was great support to give the team a boost in resource, and Marianne was used to assist on several client projects.

Marianne, a graduate with work experience in journalism, joined the team to develop quality written content for clients, including social media posts, blogs and press releases. The team at Muckle Media were keen to ensure that an internship wasn’t about making coffees and doing admin, so Marianne was given responsibility for a number of small projects and closely supervised to learn the workings of a PR agency.

Having an intern join at such a crucial stage in Muckle Media’s growth, freed up the director to focus on business development, which resulted in a number of significant new client wins several months into Marianne’s time with the business.

The internship also allowed the agency to test the idea of hiring and training graduates, and following the success of Marianne’s placement a permanent role was created for a trainee PR account executive. Marianne was keen to return to the Central Belt, having relocated temporarily to Inverness for the internship, so an excellent alternative candidate was recruited and is now working her way up the agency ranks.

Since hosting Marianne, the agency has grown to a team of seven, with bigger growth plans in the pipeline. The agency has also been named Outstanding Small Consultancy by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations for the past two years running. Although entry level positions are available, the agency is currently focusing on building up a solid and experienced senior team who will be heavily involved in all client work – something which they feel differentiates from the competition.

With the help of Entrepreneurial Spark, five of the team are now based in Edinburgh and serve clients including Entrepreneurial Spark and RBS, Fife Coast and Countryside Trust, GetTaxi and the ScotEdge fund.

The Inverness office recently appointed an experienced senior communications pro, Helen Ross, who joined as a board director and is leading growth in Inverness. The agency is working towards ambitious plans to grow a wider network of offices across the country and be on the top ten agencies outside London list by 2020, by achieving annual turnover of £2.8 million in fees.

Nathalie Agnew, Managing Director of Muckle Media, said: “Having Marianne join the team was great as it allowed us the opportunity to expand much more quickly than if we’d gone it alone. Interns can also bring fresh ideas and a new perspective on things – something that’s crucial when you work in a creative agency. It’s important to create jobs for young people and encourage them to grow. It was such a great experience that we’ve gone on to recommend Adopt an Intern to many of our own clients and contacts.”

You can find out more about Muckle Media on their website or follow them on Twitter


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