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AAI & Scottish Enterprise present ‘Invisible Talent’

AAI has partnered with Scottish Enterprise to deliver ‘Invisible Talent’ workshops for portfolio businesses across the country.

This is a chance to remove the fear around the topic of diversity, disability and hard-to-reach talent, discussing and implementing techniques into your business to widen your talent pipeline.

These workshops are designed for Scottish Enterprise portfolio businesses and their Account Managers to improve their understanding of the processes that could be employed to attract and retain more diverse talent.

We know that diverse workforces perform better, and now more than ever businesses need to know how to find talented people who may not be on their immediate radar.

Employers across Scotland find themselves in a challenging landscape in relation to sourcing talented employees. Just two examples are the skills shortages reported in a number of fields and the impact of our uncertain relationship with the EU being a reduction in Europeans remaining here to work following graduation.

Businesses in the top quarter of companies with the highest racial diversity are 35% more likely to experience higher profit than their competitors. Businesses in the same bracket with high gender diversity were 15% more likely to experience higher profit than their competitors.

Research shows that well-qualified individuals, from backgrounds historically impacted by discrimination, are looking for work and are attracted by employers who are seen to promote inclusive practice.

Benefits of attending the Invisible Talent Workshops:

Attendees will:

1. examine diversity and inclusion in the context of employment practice, the importance of both and the difference between them.

2. consider personal and business practices that can improve engagement with individuals facing barriers in society based on perceptions of difference.

3. create a proposed action plan to take back to your specific businesses to support with goal setting and forward momentum.

The Invisible Talents workshop will provide an opportunity for Scottish Enterprise (SE) Account Managers and SE portfolio businesses to gain a unique perspective on inclusive recruitment consulting practices, onboarding and inclusion processes. Participants will examine their current recruitment practices in the context of the labour market, the Scottish Government’s Inclusive Growth agenda and the Fair Work Framework.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact

If you think your workplace could benefit from an Invisible Talent workshop, contact the AAI team.


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