Success Stories

Success Stories

Aleksandra Czech-Seklecka – AAI’s Back to Work Programme 

Aleksandra Czech-Seklecka took part in AAI’s Back to Work Programme (part of the Scottish Government-funded Women Returner’s Fund), focused on supporting minority ethnic women to return to the workforce after a career break. Below, she speaks about her experience and the impact the programme had. 

“This programme was life-changing for me.” 

What was your experience with job-hunting before the Back to Work Programme? 

Due to health problems, I had a gap in my employment. For years I couldn’t find a job and it was an extremely hard time for me. I didn’t know how to display my employment gap in my CV and Cover Letters. For years I was only invited to a few interviews and was told I wouldn’t be hired because my career break was too long. All the while, this gap was constantly growing. 

When I saw information about the Women Returners programme, it was like finding hope again. 

“I was offered a job contract immediately after the programme ended and am now building my own business.” 

What was your experience like in the Back to Work programme? 

This programme was life-changing for me and I feel like I’m back on track. Everyone was so kind and supportive. It was also great to meet so many employers through the programme that are open to hiring people with a career gap. 

Thanks to this Programme I got my confidence and self-esteem back.   

I was offered a job contract immediately after the programme ended, am now building my own business and have been accepted to the Pathfinder Accelerator Programme and the CREATE Catalyst Programme. I’ve also been accepted onto IMPACT30, a 12-month programme providing innovative training and support for young entrepreneurs!

“Join AAI’s Back to Work Programme if you want to change your life for the better.” 

What would you say to others who are considering joining the Back to Work Programme with AAI? 

Don’t consider it, just do it. Join AAI’s Back to Work Programme if you want to change your life for the better. You will not only receive a huge amount of knowledge and support but you will also get your confidence and spark back. 


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