Success Stories

Success Stories

Julie McElroy – Research Intern, NVT Group

NVT Group’s intern role was a Research Analyst and they were looking for a candidate of high calibre who has a background of the research and knowledge of the private and public sector in the ICT sector. When I saw the advertisement, I knew immediately that this internship would interest me given my previous employment experience would enable me to undertake the internship.

When I was offered the internship contract on part-time basis due to my current ongoing studies commitments. I was impressed with NVT Group and my line manager, Hamish Fraser, one of the Directors understood my situation and gave the opportunity to combine it while finishing my PhD studies.


Over the course of undertaking an expansive research for NVT Group on Public Sector procurement within the ICT sector, I furthered my knowledge and gained an insight into Procurement in the ICT sector. I believed ICT Procurement is an area that I may wish to develop after I leave NVT Group. It became apparent that my qualifications and previous employments assisted me immensely in my Research Analyst role. The role was a stand-alone job within NVT Group under the direction and guidance of Hamish. It has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with Hamish as he has given me the autonomy to lead the ground breaking research for NVT Group. Hamish has a proven track record of many business acumens that has allowed the research to flourish during my time at NVT Group.

During the course of my internship, NVT Group have helped me develop my understanding of how private ICT firms operate and complete in a competitive market place. They have also helped me gain an understanding into the challenges that SME businesses face too.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have had a successful internship with NVT Group. Within weeks, I felt at eased with the staff at NVT Group and I was able to approach anyone with confidence. The staff were accommodative of my needs and gave me the flexibility to work from home given the nature of the job I was undertaking for them.

Thank you NVT Group for giving me an opportunity to excel on a research internship with you. I have found the experience engaging and stimulating.

Julie McElroy
Adopt an Intern Alumni
Research Intern, NVT Group


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