Success Stories

Success Stories

Tom Forster – Logistics and Operations, Rolls Royce

I am currently approaching the half way mark for my internship provided by Rolls-Royce and supported by Adopt and Intern and a lot has changed from my initial perceptions…

When I first arrived here, wasn’t sure what to expect; Rolls-Royce shattered every expectation. They tailored a specific project around my previous work experience and moulded it into something contextual for the assembly and operations department. My core internship project is to visualise the assembly process and to then present it in a creative format that would be used for professional visits, with complete free reign as to how I achieve this.

I am currently filming, writing and editing a documentary that covers how turbofan engines are made and how the Rolls-Royce Production Standards accomplish this (these are the structures that make the company what it is). I have to consider that this will be presented to Rolls-Royce directors as well as external VIP`s that frequently visit, which gives a good idea to the quality of work that my managers are expecting and supporting.

My work desk directly overlooks the entire new build assembly line for various families of Rolls-Royce turbofan jet engines (the parts of which I can now name and describe, not sure how that happened…). The people that I work with are intelligent, intuitive, supportive and genuinely inspiring (the German work ethic has an excellent reputation for a reason!).

This job is exactly what I was looking for, but this experience in its entirety just goes beyond everything I could have possibly expected from an internship.

Tom Forster
Adopt an Intern Alumni
Logistics and Operations, Rolls Royce


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