Tips for Jobseekers

Tips for Jobseekers

6 Hiring Trends for Jobseekers in 2022

The last few years have seen a significant shift in the world of work and how jobseekers are thinking about their careers.

If you’re currently a jobseeker in 2022, it is critical to know the hiring trends that could impact your job search.

1. Specialist Recruiting Partners Will Become Critical in Assisting Your Career Success

The recruitment sector is a recognised and respected part of the consultancy world; therefore, it is logical that companies, from small SMEs to large corporates, are turning to recruitment companies to support their hiring process.

We are in a skill-short market where talent pipelines need to be developed through networks and understanding of the market, which takes time that many internal hiring departments don’t have.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if you are approached more in 2022 by recruiters representing the ideal company for you to work with.

2. Hybrid, Home and Flexible Working

Thoughout the pandemic, candidates and employers we work with were exposed to working from home and started to appreciate its many benefits.

In reference to the former, these included zero commuting, the ability to improve concentration, greater flexibility and higher productivity. In reference to the latter, these included reducing the expense of office space, increasing productivity and communication, improving staff retention and recruiting talent outside of a local commutable distance.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that earlier this year the Microsoft Work Trends report highlighted that 75% of job seekers are looking for flexible work arrangements. Expect to see more and more hybrid, home and flexible working positions as the year rolls on!

3. It’s All About Your Skills

We are currently part of a skill-short economy. The years of reduced funding and investment in training and developing our workforce has taken their toll across all sectors.

There is a huge skills gap, and consequently, skilled candidates are in demand. The workforce is ageing, and technology is increasing; so, focusing on your personal development is vital.

Though employers are more flexible than ever, they are also looking for employability and transferable skills.

The most common employability skills are:

  • Good communication
  • Motivation and initiative
  • Leadership
  • Reliability/dependability
  • Following instructions
  • Teamwork
  • Patience, flexibility and proactivity

4. Virtual Recruiting Is The New Norm

Recent research has found that up to 84% of recruiters have reported altering their process to accommodate virtual exchanges. Video interviewing is now a critical stage in many organisations’ recruitment processes.

Preparing for a video interview should be in every candidate’s repertoire of skills. Luckily, there are numerous benefits for candidates in partaking in a video interview. Let’s take a look:

  • Be interviewed from the comfort of your own home
  • Ability to draw on notes
  • Increased flexibility of time
  • Travel cost and time, and stress are eradicated
  • Some of the stresses of an in-person interview can even be eliminated

5. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

E, D & I is a wide-ranging topic, and the fact that it’s still a relatively ‘new’ HR. concept means some organisations struggle to get it right.

Employers are increasingly turning to recruitment companies to provide a more inclusive recruitment process. Being one of the only (if not the only) inclusive recruitment companies, this is where AAI EmployAbility thrives.

Candidates have a right to know that the employers they are considering for their next career move are considerate and accommodating to employees from all walks of life.

Ensure the recruiter you work with knows what the E, D & I policy is of the clients they work with before you progress with your application.

6. Companies Should Communicate A Caring Employer Brand and Employer Value Proposition

Organisations can use an employer brand to help them compete effectively in the talent market and improve employee engagement and retention. A recent report from the CIPD found that of those organisations that have taken steps to improve employee retention, 19% of those have promoted their employer brand to employees.

A strong employer value proposition communicates what the employer can offer you to feel valued, looked after and developed.

Look out for indicators about a company’s culture online and on their social channels before you move forward in their interview process.

2022 will see a continuation of an unpredictable human capital landscape. Good people with the skill levels required will be in high demand. Regardless, it seems like the year ahead will be an interesting one for all of us.


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