Tips for Jobseekers

Tips for Jobseekers

Top CV FAQs Answered

Writing your first CV or revising an old one? Here are some frequent questions answered!

1. What information should be on my CV?
Contact details, a brief introduction about yourself, academic background and education and employment history. Make sure that you provide sufficient details for every section.

2. How long should my CV be?
In general, a CV should not be more than two pages of A4 paper and for recent graduates, one is often enough. The information should be clear and tailored for the position you are applying for, so it makes it easier for the person who does the shortlisting to find the points that make you a suitable candidate for the position.

3. Which section should be on top?
If you have graduated recently and you have not done so much career-wise, it is advisable to write your academic background and emphasise your academic achievements first. If you have relevant work experience, however, it is recommended that you position this first instead.

4. What if I don’t have any experience?
You should include all your academic and educational background, your qualifications and volunteering positions, explaining what are the transferable skills that are relevant to the position. Write an enthusiastic introduction about yourself, demonstrating that you are motivated about this job opportunity in this specific sector. 

5. Should I include personal interests and hobbies?
Personal interests and hobbies can give a glimpse of your personality to your future employer; it is recommended, however, that you try and include information as relevant to the position you are applying as possible.

6. What kind of font and layout should I use?
Try to choose a font that is simple, clear and easy to read. Be consistent in your layout styling and make sure that information and sections are concise and clearly presented

7. Should I include references?
It is advisable to only include a small note saying “References available on request” rather than including the actual references. 

8. What should I avoid including?
On your CV you should not include sensitive information about yourself, for example, sexual orientation, nationality, religion and date of birth.


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