Returner Workshops 2018

Glasgow, Edinburgh & Aberdeen

In 2017 Adopt an Intern (AAI) partnered with Radiant and Brighter to deliver a Scottish Government-sponsored project to support minority ethnic women to return to work after a career break.

The project featured launch events for employers and jobseekers, networking opportunities, 1-1 coaching and exclusive 'Returnship' opportunities from partner employers across Scotland.

In 2018, workshops in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen included presentations from AAI speakers, community group representatives, and guest employers that covered the following key areas;


• What employers are looking for in terms of core skills of applicants/employees.

• The necessity for returners to be able to accurately present their skills, abilities and relevant experience in written form and in an interview setting.

• Job opportunities - including the 6+ returnship offered in the manufacturing industry and information, advice and discussion on where else to find work.

• Strategies were examined for improving performance at interview and in the initial stages of a new job.  We covered cognitive behavioural theory around behaviour change and actions that can be taken to build up resilience.

It was so rewarding to see our ladies not just being supported by the content of the workshops, but by other attendees in a similar situation to themselves.

Becuase we combined workshops with networking opportunities, what really stood out were the personal stories.

Our women returners were candid in sharing their experiences, the challenges and some of the cultural issues that they felt were holding them back from returning to work.


The mood was greatly lifted in the room by the end each workshop with some incredibly positive feedback. Since the workshops, we've stayed in close contact with our ladies, offering 1-1 CV and application support.

As the work on this project continues, we're very proud of the women who took the step to attend these workshops, tell their stories and use our support to help highlight their undeniable talent and inspirational attitudes. 


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